Remedies for bladder infection

Finding effective remedies for bladder infection is extremely important as not only are they rather uncomfortable to deal with, if not downright painful at times, they can sometimes lead to other more serious problems such as kidney infections if not treated as soon as possible.

Often called UTIs, or urinary tract infections, bladder infections, which are technically referred to as cystitis, are the most common type of infections of the entire urinary tract and are caused by bacteria that has entered the bladder.

Antibiotics are usually the first course of action when it comes to clearing up bladder infections and while they do indeed begin to work immediately, the symptoms of the infection will still remain. And, many people try to avoid taking antibiotics as like other drugs, do have side effects to consider. But, if you’re suffering from a great deal of pain, a doctor or health care provider will be able to recommend the proper medication to relieve the discomfort while the antibiotics are starting to take effect.

Drinking a lot of water while coping with a bladder infection is imperative as the more you must urinate, the more the bladder will be cleansing itself. Besides plain water, which provides the whole body with number of other positive benefits, all natural cranberry juice has also been scientifically proven to help clear up infections of the bladder and urinary tract.

Although not a magical elixir, cranberry juice, also known as vaccinium macrocarpon or vaccinium oxycoccus, does cause hippuric acid to be produced within the urine. This helps to acidify the urine further and render bacteria unable to stick to the inner walls of the bladder.

If the juice isn’t exactly your taste, quality cranberry capsules are a viable substitution when taken with plenty of water. Along with cranberries, taking vitamin C is also recommended when fighting a bladder infection as the body’s defenses are down causing one to possibly be more susceptible to other ailments.

The herb uva ursi (arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is used as a remedies for bladder infection thanks to its active component arbutin, which once broken down and passed along to the kidneys, exhibits antiseptic qualities.

Those with liver or kidney problems, or women who are pregnant or nursing should not take uva ursi and should thoroughly investigate any other herbal or folk remedies before starting treatment as many may have adverse side effects.

Some other all natural remedies for bladder infection you may want to consider include the herbs buchu, a diuretic and urinary antiseptic, or corn silk, also a diuretic that helps to relieve inflammation. Couchgrass is a soothing demulcent and goldenseal, an anti-inflammatory and an antimicrobial, works to kill many different types of bacteria.

Horsetail is said to be safe to use during pregnancy and offers diuretic effects but doesn’t deplete the body of its vital nutrients and electrolytes. Juniper is a powerful antibiotic, antispasmodic, and diuretic, and Marshmallow root is used to soothe the lining of the urinary tract.

While bladder infections may be easy to treat and might dissipate relatively quickly in comparison to other types of infections, they do have the potential to cause quite a bit of discomfort. The most effective of bladder infection remedies should take care of the problem in anywhere from ten days to two weeks, and the sooner you begin treatment, the sooner your discomfort will subside.