Mycoplasma Pneumonia Symptoms And Treatment

It is the infection of the lung alveoli caused by bacterium microplasma pneumoniae. Which is sometime also known with the other name called walking pneumonia. This name is basically given to this disease simply because of the fact that sometime people get infected with it and still they can continue walking without feeling any problem this is because it is a mild form of pneumonia.

It is also known to be a type of atypical pneumonia. This pneumonia usually known to affecting the people aged younger than the 40 years of age. Mostly the suffering people of this category of pneumonia are mostly the school students studying in children.

The symptoms of the walking (microplasma)pneumonia usually appear with in the one to three weeks of time. Sometime the people may also get the severe symptoms in this period of time.

Symptoms of microplasma pneumonia

The major symptoms of the walking pneumonia are given below

• Severe pain in the chest
• Severe chills
• The cough which comes usually dry not bloody
• Sweating which sometime becomes excessive
• Fever which also might be high sometime and low for other times
• Sore in the throat of the patients of this type of pneumonia is also very common

Above are given the most common symptoms found in the patients suffering from the walking form of pneumonia. However there are some other less common symptoms as well which are felt by the walking pneumonia patients.

These less common symptoms of walking pneumonia are explained below

• Pain in the year
• Soreness or pain in the eyes of the patients
• Joint stiffness and aches in the muscles of the patients
• Rapid breathing
• Lump in the neck
• Rashes or lumps are also sometime occurs on the skin of the patients

Treatment methods of the microplasma pneumonia

There are several treatment methods includes the microplasma pneumonia. The very first method of treatment preferred by the doctors are the antibiotics which can easily avoid the swellings and inflammation of the lungs and hence can also cure the disease.

Tetracycline, quinolone and the macrolide are the name of few major antibiotics given to the patients of pneumonia to cure it.

Some other method of treatment of mycoplasma pneumonia are also given below

• Aspirin or some of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug can be given to the patients of microplasma pneumonia in order to make them recover from it.
• The aspirin however should not be given to children
• Other cough medications are not advised
• Drinking plenty of fluids and taking enough rest is advises to the patients.