Diet for Stress: Latest Research Information

Someone who is stressed has a prime need for an increased amount of minerals enzymes and vitamins. To this end, everything that is eaten should be of top quality in terms of nutritional value. Many people think that eating processed food is all right because it wont actually do any harm. However, if you eat a bowl of processed breakfast cereal (which is not much better than a bowl of sugar), you will be full without ever having a food rich in nutrients, and the body will have to wait another few hours in the hope of receiving good food.

Make sure that 60% of the food is raw in the form of vegetables, nuts fruit, seeds and cereals. Remember that raw cereals should be soaked, sprouted or fermented, so that minerals are not leached from the body. Green vegetables in particular, contain an important source of natural sodium for the resistance stage.

Make real efforts to avoid all sugar and white flour and everything made from them. This means avoid even bread that is partially made from white flour, cakes, pizza, pasta, pancakes, crumpets, and pastry. Avoid soft drinks, jams, squashes, coffee, tea, and the many cocoa type drinks. Everything eaten should be made from natural fresh food and not come from cans, packets or the freezer division of the supermarket. Sweet treats can be made from wholewheat flour with maple syrup or honey used in place of sugar. Buy brown rice instead of white, muesli or porridge oats, instead of pretty packaged cereals, whole grain flour and make your own cakes, pizzas and pancakes. Wholewheat, cornmeal and buckwheat pastas are widely available.

I never understand someone choosing white pasta when wholegrain pasta has the enormous advantage or never going sticky. Some brands taste better than others, so experiment.

Change from crisps and processed snacks to eating raw fresh nuts, olives, crudites and home-made dips, such as hummus and live yoghurt-based varieties. In restaurants choose salad with cottage cheese or beans, eggs and an olive oil/lemon juice dressing. Skip the white pasta and potato salad covered in thick poor quality mayonnaise and definitely skip the croutons.

Choose fresh fish with a variety of vegetables and a side salad, and ask for wholewheat bread when the white rolls arrive. Freshly made soups make good starters and fresh fruit or cheese and wholewheat bread/crackers can finish a meal. A glass of wine with the evening meal is permissible, but drink a mineral water with a squeeze of lemon otherwise. Herbal teas can replace tea and coffee and dandelion and barley grain coffees are available.