All About Dengue Fever

The dengue fever is one such disease which is transmitted to the humans through the viruses of mosquito’s family. This is just a form of acute illness. The onset of this acute dengue fever is usually followed by the benign symptoms in the body of the patients. These symptoms include rash, swollen glands, severe joint and muscle pain, exhaustion, fever and headache etc.

By the presence of the simple things like headache and rash can easily characterize the disease. Red soles & palms, severe pain behind eyes and bleeding gums are the several other signs of dengue. It is a type of disease which can affect to almost any kind and any age of people but the chances of occurrence of this disease are more to those who are living with some form of compromised immune system of them.

The dengue fever is usually caused by the 4 types of viruses so it can occur multiple times to a person. However it cannot occur more than 4 times to any single person because one time disease transfers the immunity in the person towards that type of virus of this disease. The sufferer of the dengue pain usually feels intense muscle and joint pains this is why the disease is also termed as break bone or dandy fever.

What causes the dengue fever?

The fever of dengue is mainly caused by the four types of viruses of dengue. All of these viruses are spread to the human being by the virus infected mosquito. This species of dengue virus was supposed to be originated in Africa but nowadays found in almost all the tropical regions of the world. The other specialty of this kind of species is that it prospers in the areas where human population usually resides. Dengue fever causes in human beings is the dengue virus infected mosquitos which after biting to one person get infected and then bite again to other person in order to infect him.

The dengue fever causes are the chain reactions which usually start when the mosquito bites the affected person. The tropical Asia, the Caribbean, northern Australia and the northern Argentina are the places where the virus of dengue species is found more commonly. Though you have once suffered from the dengue, the chances are that you may again fall in the problem of dengue. This is because any other of 4 type of virus can affect you. Hence in order to stay away from the problems of dengue you can simply avoid its causes.